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Welcome to Satvin Consulting

What we are:

Satvin Group  is an Australian based consulting company with key focuses on ICT Solutions and ICT Project and Program management  . Formed by a group of Managers,Engineers and SAP consultants who realised the need of effective and measured solutions for the clients in terms of implementation and support.

Satvin Consulting focuses to maximise the ICT capabilities through their people, processes and systems. At Satvin we innovate the ICT domains like Enterprise Architecture, Data Management, Artificial Intelligence etc.

We focus on asset management as an investment that involves developing and implementing strategies, systems and services that improve your bottom line by optimising, maintaining and protecting your assets.

Satvin Consulting is committed to capturing and sharing best practices across all operational sites. This is part of our culture of continuous improvement. Initiatives that support this culture include our Best Practices Forum, which frequently get updates from engineering and SAP forums.

What we do:

Our clients call us when they have something pressing on their minds—whether it is a major strategic or operational need or an organizational challenge. They look to us for honest, objective, thoughtful, and experienced advice.

Our clients talk to us when they want to deliver results. They call us in uncertain times. They talk to us when information is difficult to get and insights are scarce. They call us when they need to make decisions that will have major consequences for their people, their organizations, and the countries in which they operate. They call us when they want a truly global perspective.

With our broad reach across industries, functions, and geographies, we speak our clients’ language. We live where they live. We understand their business.

How we do:

We help people and companies explore extraordinary opportunities, manage and sustain growth, and maximize revenue.

We do this using these core principles:

  • Use the best practice solutions
  • Plan to deliver
  • Bring innovations to suite client demands
  • Build client capabilities to sustain improvement
  • Build enduring relationship based on results.